May i suggest a flanger effect or maybe a plugin where i can have a flanger effect?

used for dumb moments in my videos

As an audiophile, I have to answer that question.
Imagine you have two turntables and the same records that run on them. You will never manage to play them absolutely synchronous. Because then the waveforms would almost cancel each other out and you would not hear anything because they cancel each other out.
Instead you hear this “Flanger Effect”.
So, extract or double the audio track you want to “flange” and vary the values slightly with the keyframes via “Pitch”.

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I didn’t know the basis of the effect.
I just read in Wikipedia and it indicates that Flanger is basically a clean signal and a delayed signal (less than 5 milliseconds).

Varying the pitch using keyframes to get the “frequency” setting won’t be very comfortable, right?

Yes, thats right! :slight_smile: