Matching Videos Files or Clips

Forgive my total lack of expertise and terminology. I am creating my first video project with a music overlay. I have video source material…video clips collected for use.

  1. Lotus in wind
  2. Wedding couple around ocean
    (these videos have the same size and look in the video track)
  3. Full moonlight streaming over moving ocean. The clip is large and beautiful in it’s natural state. When I bring it into the project is gets small with large black bars top and bottom.

How can I make it match clips #1 and #2? many thanks…warren

The aspect ratio of number 3 does not match the others. One option is to add the Crop filter and click the Center checkbox. That will remove your black bars by cropping even amounts on the side. If you need to adjust the region of interest (focus area) , then you can use the Center bias slider. If this does not accomplish what you want then post a screenshot of that clip without filters so others can suggest something else.

My thanks for your helpful response. I’ll try your ideas when I return to the program. Really nice to receive an answer without incredulity. I’m as low as it gets on the knowledge scale.
Thank you