Massive Memory Leak When Rendering?

Oh cool! I was thinking about how I could get valgrind to work on it (with the concern being that I don’t think valgrind works properly if you terminate the program prematurely, meaning that you can’t just hit ctrl+c on melt as soon as it starts playing up). I can’t say I’m familiar with valgrind enough to be certain of the behaviour though.

Thanks so much for the investigation though - I’ll muck around with trying to create a smaller project that still reproduces the issue later tonight, just have a few other things to sort out first.

Thanks again!

Just giving this topic a bump.

I’ve had a look, but sadly, I haven’t been successful in making a smaller project that reproduces the errors, although I haven’t had time to try every video track individually first. I’ll keep looking, and let you guys know when I find something. Are there any updates on anyone else’s end?

Did you see the previous observation: “The problem is related to the Size, Position & Rotate filters”?

It is not necessary to have a smaller project that crashes. Just one that demonstrates commit size growing unrestrained in the task manager.

I am marking this bug as solved because I believe it is a duplicate of this issue.

It has the same composition: A frei0r filter before an affine filter. If anyone wants to retest this using the latest build, please feel free to report back.

I tested the problem from this issue given as the link with shotcut 22.12.21 and I haven’t observed any memory leaking. Well done!