Mask filter loses settings

Using Windows 10 64Bit and Shotcut 18.01.02 64Bit

I added a video track, copied the video clip and pasted it in that new track.
I searched for the position I want to begin, splitted the clip and deleted the part before actual position. I searched for the position where I wanted to end it, splitted the clip again and deleted the part after it.
Saved the work so far. :smiley:
I added a mask filter and applied settings to it (to blur out a number plate of a car).
I went on, scrubbing to the video when the plate was going to move out of my mask region and splitted the clip again. Clicked on the new part and saw some settings of the mask were set back to default (Horizontal, Vertical, Width, Height) and others (Rotation, Softness) were kept as I expected.
I clicked on the first part of the clip and there was the same loss of settings.
I exited without saving again and opened the project.mlt file in notepad++
The properties were written correctly in the XML file.
So I started shotcut again and loaded the project. Without clicking on any properties the clip played fine with the settings I had applied.
I clicked on that clip with the mask and the panel displayed me again Horizontal, Vertical, Width and Height were reset to defaul.
I assumed that must be a visual glitch in the UI and went on.
I masked the second part and saved again.
I replayed the entire clip to see if all masks are good. The first mask, which I did inspect prior was covering the whole screen and not only the plate of the car.
I exited again and reloaded the project file in notepad++.
The first mask I inspected has the errorneous values in the file:

The other masks which I set and “forget” had still the correct values:
can’t attach 2nd screenshot, and forum will cancel out the brackets of xml… :frowning:

There happens something, when you inspect the filter which leads to resetting properties 1 to 4

I did not reproduce it, but I think I spotted the source of problem and fixed it for the next release 18.03.

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