Markers load time is unmanageable (Possibly on my end)

What is your operating system?
Windows 10 64-bit

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
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markers only.mlt (1.3 MB)

Performance impact of markers on startup of shotcut has become unmanageable.

Even on a completely empty .mlt file (no playlist, tracks, or preview, only loading markers) it takes an hour + for shotcut to load for me.

Current workaround will be to edit in separate files and then put them all together at the end, but that’s less than ideal.

Maybe there’s some way to cache the markers so they don’t have to load everytime or something similar that can be done. Thanks for reading!

Full disclosure: I don’t have the best PC, so this might be partly on my end, so I’ve uploaded a .mlt including just the markers in order to see if it takes as long as it does for me.
markers only.mlt (1.3 MB)

I didn’t wait an hour + but I did let Shotcut try to open the file for about 5 minutes.
I opened it in Visual Studio though and… more than 5000 markers?

No wonder Shotcut struggles… It adds more than 31000 lines in the MLT file.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need so many markers in a project?

So a suggestion has become a bug:

I have no plans to address either. But I might add a hard limit of 1000.

Music beat syncing is the reason there’s so many markers, in response to MusicalBox’s question.

You are abusing a feature for an unintended purpose - to make up for a missing feature (beat snapping).

I suggest that instead of adding a marker for every beat (probably using a script) to instead add a marker manually only for beats that you are interested in. Even if one later becomes unused you probably don’t need to remove it, and there will be far fewer markers.

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That’s what I thought, but nevertheless, 5000 beats is a lot.

Surely you don’t actually use ALL those markers.
It must take you a huge amount of time just to add those markers.

Are you aware of the new customizable seek shortcuts?
Ctrl + J to set the length (for example: 20 frames)
Alt + Page Down and Alt + Page Up to move the playhead forward and backward by 20 frames.

Once you determine how many frames are between 2 beats, you set the custom Seek to that amount. Maybe you could integrate that in your workflow, instead of using all those markers.


It’s about an hour+ of songs, and yeah for this project I’m using like 99% of them lol.
Didn’t know about the Ctrl+J thing though, would’ve been helpful when I was making the markers haha thanks! <3

  • I’m inserting a new unique video at just about every marker, and yes it’s been very time consuming! Hopefully when it’s all finished it will have been worth it xD