Markers for timeline

It’s useful to get the playback head to a desired position (often by scrubbing) and then mark the timeline for that point for later use of a filter or split. Snapping back to that point and then splitting at the point becomes quite easy. The alternative is to write down the time for each point of interest. The one advantage to written timings is the option to include a note (“cut to Alice’s look of surprise”). Pulling this together, leaving a mark with an associated popup note should improve editing workflow.


That actually sounds like a really good idea. For the timeline markers, is that common in other video editing programs? And would it be done by a key command or a right click option, or could it be both?

Lauren, I think it is fairly common in other NLEs. The one I’m familiar with is Kdenlive. It actually has two types: markers and guides. And they can be added with either a keyboard shortcut or right-click menu.

I see that markers are already on the Shotcut roadmap at #11.

I found them In Resolve. IIRC, double click at the playhead, on the timeline, sets a marker. Right click on a marker includes remove one/all. I didn’t figure out how to use guides, but they exist also. AFAIK, there’s no “Post-It” capability for either.

I tried double click at the playhead on the timeline - nothing :frowning:

Because RBEmerson’s comment is refering to ‘Resolve’ = DaVinci Resolve