Marker gone

Doing some small project. To make a break, I made a marker on the timrline where I stopped, and saved the project. Later opened the project - marker gone, it was not even mentioned in the markers menu.
Is there something to save the markers position, or does it have to be in the project ?
Answers will be appreciated
Shotcut 22.05.25 on win 10 pro, x 64

I think you mean version 22.04.25 ?

Did this problem append just once, or can you reproduce it?

1…Sorry, my mistake, it is 22.04.25.
2. Never used the markers, only this time once, I’ll try soon something else and pay attention to the markers again.
By the way, markers should be saved in the project ?

Yes, they should be saved with the project. I just test tested on v22.04.25. They were saved

The markers are also saved in the project for me.

Can you make a short list of exact steps to reproduce the problem starting from an empty project?

Thanks for the answer.
Made a test: (to make it clean from the begining)

  1. Reinstalled the program by unzipping the zip file into a separate folder.
  2. Ran the program, loaded a video clip, and on the timeline, made a cut at a certain position, marked it, saved the project and closed the program.
  3. Double-clicked on the project’s file, program opened, made a search for the next marker - well, it was there in place.
  4. Looks like something happened when installing (unzipping) the program.
    Replaced the previous installation with the “test” installation.
    Sorry for bothering you.

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