Marker error, and youtube chapters

What is your operating system?

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Hi guys, I’ve found latest version of shotcut very good and I appreciate your work.

I’m trying to use the latest feature: MARKERS
I’ve noticed the following bugs, with no specific analysis.

  1. I’ve cretated 5 sections in the timeline with markers. At a certain point, I’ve done some movement of tracks, inserting some clips. A couple of markers disappeared. I cannot see them anymore.

  2. I’ve created some more markers to full fill the entire timeline video. Going to Export page, using the FROM ComboBox, I’ve noticed names of previous markers disappeared, and current markers. The number was more than the currently visible markers

  3. I would like to consider overlap of markers an error, so you should avoid any markers to move over another while track and clip operations are in progress… The current workaround is to create markers at the end of everything. But sometimes I’m not so prepared for this.

  4. File->export->markers… do not generate the correct file. I get an empty list like this:
    00:00 Intro
    My markers do not call Intro.
    Moreover, I’m interested in getting this file for Youtube chapters - check the documentation here
    Video Chapters - YouTube Help
    It’s a text file that always starts at 00:00 , so the first markers should be forced to this value.
    Following markers ranges should have the Start Time position and the name.
    0:00 Intro
    10:14 showcase 1
    15:00 drone flight
    20:00 end

It could be useful also a checkbox called youtube chapters (or something) to grant the youtube standard directy at export panel…

Do what you can and thank you in advance for the good work

You need to provide exact steps and specify whether Ripple Markers is turned on. If it is, this might be by design.

What you wrote is not very understandable. Also, steps to reproduce it are needed. Think: how can I make this a useful bug report instead of vague descriptions of moments of confusion or surprise?

  1. I would like to consider overlap of markers an error

Not a bug

  1. File->export->markers… do not generate the correct file

Yes it does, but it does not export markers with a duration > 1 by design (documented here). The format does not support duration and typically these are used for special purpose like export.

Here more details:

I’ve reduced the markers I’ve done to 1 frame markers. To get this results I’ve encountered the following errors:

  • Moving Markers with CTRL hold, in far zoom, do not reduce them to 1 frame. You have to Zoom to a decent size and repeat the process…
  • In a couple of times, markers disappeared while moving RIGHT marker near Left marker.
    It seems that before you have to move the RIGHT marker, you have to place the LEFT marker in a placeholder done by Steps, or invisible segments, not exacly where it was. After that the Right maker move adiacent to left marker (using CTRL…) and it is valid, and recognized by the File->Export.
    Otherwise it seems to be a failure marker and cannot be exported.
  • In more than 1 case, the RIGHT marker moved more left than LEFT marker position (always using CTRL…) and this make the marker invisible for EXPORT, while it is visible but with wrong arrow left and right.

I think there are just some issue in the visual interface against zoom and control. A part this, after I’ve fixed all the markers, the File → Export markers function started to work.

Hope it helps