Make the benchmark official?

@nwgat made a fantastic benchmark tool for shotcut
Is there anyway to incorporate this into the project itself? I love the utility but I’m sure there’s been performance changes since version 17(granted i’ll keep using the benchmark regardless)

That page says “using open souce video editor OpenShot.”
The answer is basically “no” because it requires python, which I am not going to include and do not want to explain to others how to install. Also, it is too esoteric of a tool for most users. Shotcut already displays the time an export job took when it is done. I think one can simply provide a link to the reference and shotcut export preset settings to accomplish the same.

the openshot refrence is where he started(it uses shotcut 17.x now) so it’s just a copy pasta error but fair enough about python, hopefully @nwgat will update it for version 18.x at some point.