Make rotate and scale a seperate filter

Yes, except Text: Rich and Corner Pin is not a rectangle and completely independent control. Corner Pin is out of scope for the next release

i think there should be a way to zoom in the center of the canvas with this filter via Modifier key plus

+1 for this! :+1:

You can already zoom in with the mousewheel.

Ooh, so you can! in 10 percentage steps. Cool. And also Ctrl + wheel to rotate in 5-degree increments. Cooler!

I have a suggestion though, I see that Shift + wheel zooms also in 10 percentage steps.
Could it be made to zoom in 5 per cent steps maybe?

that zooms towards the circle pointer thingy…

You change where the focus is in the parameters. The default is the center and middle. If you change the parameter to the left, right, top or bottom then it will affect where both Zoom and Rotation focus on.

I get that, but that’s relative the clip.
Once I’m zoomed in to a part of a video with keyframes and want to zoom furthermore with mouse wheel it just zooms to the focus point. This is fine, but its would be a nice option to zoom to the center of the canvas with a modifier key + mouse wheel…

@dailylolrecap I was just thinking, if you really like the S/P filter and Rotate filter to be separate as it was before, you could always apply 2 S/P/R filters to your clip. Then use them separately, one for size/position, and the other for rotation.

Yes, but that slows my workflow for no reason :smiley: