Make picture a video without black sides

I am not a English speaker,maybe there’s some wrong words…
When I put a picture into the playlist or timeline only,the player will show a picture with two black sides(on the left and right or on and under the picture).When I try to output the video by using the picture only.The video has the black sides too.It make me annoyed.
Whatever,I think Shotcut is a GREAT software!Free and open source!It gives me chance to creat good videos.
Why do I use it?Becaue it’s free,no malware or advertisement,and it has many translations and so on…,and…I have no money to buy other softwares.Haha…
Thank all staffs of Shotcut!!!

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This should be possibly by setting your projects video mode beforehand(settings>video mode) to one that matches the ratio of your imported pictures

I will add pictures within my videos.

Since I export my videos at 1280 x 720, I just make sure my pictures are 1280 x 720 when I add them.

Add the Crop filter to the picture, click the Center checkbox, and adjust the Center bias parameter as desired.

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