Make Markers extend in time by dragging them by mouse

I don’t know if its intended but you can’t extend a markers time by dragging it. You can only drag a whole marker section.

So for example:

I have a marker an its starts at 00:00:00 and lasts until 00:10:00. I want to extend it to last until 00:15:00 then I need to update its duration by right-click it and set the new time.

Why can’t I change its duration by dragging one of the marker-points (either start or end)?

Ctrl + Click & drag (on the edges) should work.

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  • Ctrl+drag (command on macOS) a marker to changes its duration (a marker with a duration longer than 1 frame is also called a “range”).
  • When the mouse cursor is over a marker then a tool tip appears with the name and time. If the marker is longer than 1 frame (range) then the tool tip will also show its end time and duration.
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Okay, thanks for the replies!

It works :slight_smile: