Made New Youtube Channel with Shotcut as editing software

Hey guys I recenlty made a YouTube channel and the software I use to edit is ShotCut. I was able to learn at a very quick rate and it was easy to use. Check out my newest video I made with ShotCut:

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Congratulations! I suggest that you adjust the audio volume on the speaking parts to make them about the same. The beginning was low and the end quite high.

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A simple and concise video with a delightful underlying audio, nicely done!
To add to @shotcut’s comment, you can use a compressor to achieve the same loudness. There are so many videos out there that I do not think an explanation would be as helpful as watching them.

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Thank you! Will do in future videos.

Thank you. I’ll definitely check out that compressor.


Shotcut has been my only editor, even with mishaps, nothing has compared.

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