Macbook, add video track deletes track below it

I haven’t been able to do multi track editing on my Macbook for a few weeks because when I go to “Track operations- add video track” the first video moves down one line which is normal but when I add a video in the new track it automatically deletes everything below it. if the video below is longer and I add the video a little way from the side then I end up with a short clip of the lower video and everything below the upper video vanishes. Even if I click the “eye” to make the top video go blank there is no longer any video content below it, it just gets deleted. I just tried deleting Shotcut and re-installing it but it still happens.In the screenshot below, if I were to drag the long piece of video on the right to the centre everything below it would be erased.

Hi @Desmond_Downs

You have Ripple and Ripple On All Tracks enabled.
Simply turn them off.


Thank you very much - when the last update didn’t “fix” the problem I wondered if it was one of my settings :smiley:

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