Mac or windows or linux?

I am going to give my desktop to my nephew (he has to do classes, but he has also joined a graphic design course), So now I have to buy a new desktop or imac or anything that is value for money.

I don’t have problems with the high or low price of the machine, but it should atleast work for next 3-4 years and provide me support for extreme purposes too. I have got good performance with windows, but my Mac air is also running nice for a good time.

I could build a PC (if needed), but I would rather like to prefer a prebuilt one.

I have a budget of 8000$, but I can go upto 40k if I would wait for 5 months.

Not so sure I really understood your requirements. But if I do, then try Linux. With Linux you have a system that can run for a very long time on the computer. And you don’t necessarily need a new computer. Linux is frugal. But if you can do everything you want with Linux, I don’t know. I switched from Windows to Manjaro Linux a year and a half ago. That was a real adventure and cost me a lot of training - but I am satisfied and don’t want to go back.


I paid 500$ for my main computer about 2 years ago. And I just paid 150$ for a 4 core, 18 gigs of RAM computer that will replace my old 1 core, 4 gigs of RAM second computer.
I expect them both to last me at least 2 or 3 years…

So needless to say, whatever operating system you choose, that 8000$ budget seems a bit excessive to me. And 40 000$ sounds simply insane.

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Perhaps those are Rupies, not USD.

@Hudson555x Maybe. I thought of that. But in that case, 107 US dollars (8000 rupees) would be a pretty low budget for a machine that will provide support for extreme purposes :thinking: :slight_smile:

I did write the dollar sign clearly, it’s only dollars.

I have been saving 2k each month to just make a budget.

And now I will save 10k each month, because 2k is mostly what I need here to live, even for some people, it’s overkill here.

I saw the Mac Pro, the reviews were good, but they come around that price only, so I thought to get this much from my savings.

So if it gets enough votes, I would have enough to at least get the base model.

That limits from then switching back to windows virtually, there would be a lot of applications that I use which only run on windows and mac. And I don’t like installing 3rd party app to run exe.

Maybe I could end up messing the whole system in a day.

I love linux. All distrobutions will have a version of shotcut in their repository.

The beauty of linux is once you learn it you learn the principles of unix for life. Everything is standardised and the command line is extremely powerful.

Also, shotcut works primarily with CPU processing so you dont need to invest in a powerful GPU.

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Yes, Linux is quite different. No question, starting with it means a lot of learning and work. I’m not saying that you can do everything better with Linux, but when the system is up and running, then you have the feeling, yes the certainty: This is mine. That is very gratifying.
An example: The error messages with Windows: Only cryptic information, with the intention that no normal person understands them. With Linux, it’s completely different: the error messages clearly contain the info needed to get to the bottom of the cause.
And, the reason why I said goodbye after 30 years of Windows: I simply didn’t want to be spied on by Microsoft against my will anymore. That’s over now.

One thing to remember is that, I do know linux. Not at the command line level, but average.
And I am not just buying a pc for shotcut, I am buying it to switch my whole system, which means a lot of apps, like After effects, office 365 and more.

Linux can be the last resort, otherwise I will only run in the VM like before.

I just did a quick configure for the highest spec: Mac Pro: $52,748

  • 2.5GHz 28‑core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz
  • 1.5TB (12x128GB) of DDR4 ECC memory
  • Two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo with 64GB of GDDR6 memory each
  • 8TB SSD storage
  • Apple Afterburner card
  • Stainless steel frame with wheels
  • Magic Mouse + Magic Trackpad
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - US English
  • Accessory Kit

Pro Display XDR - Nano-texture glass: $5,999

Pro Stand $999

Total cost: $59,746 (Shipping: Free)

or, for just another $2,000 you could buy a nice fully-furnished 1 bedroom apartment with communal pool in Polis, just down the road from me.


Nice deal, I would look for it.

Maybe it would be not needed, A mid spec would also work, which comes around 36k, and A xdr would make it 40k. That’s inside my budget.

I do have a pro stand lying at my room, just need to look for it.

Damn, that is expensive (the computer, not the flat :grinning: )

If you was crazy enough to spend this kind of money, then i don’t think it is the right time to buy at Mac Pro, they have not yet been updated to the new M1 processors, that the macbook pro has got, they are very powerful.

But buy a PC instead, much more choice an flexibility and more value for the money, because of chips shortage, hardware is over priced at the moment, so I would buy something much small and wait to the prices normalizing to buy a more highend computer. I would look into a powerful AMD cpu with buildin GPU, then you can upgrade it latter with a separate GFX card.


Ok, I will see a macbook and buy it.
Small question, which is worthy m1 pro or max?

I think the m1 pro is best value for money, the max has a more powerful GPU and support more memory
but you will properly not need that much power.
the 16" Macbook Pro will the M1 pro will give a fantastic performance,

It is better to speed some money on a good external display and some good audio monitors, that to max out the performance, it will give you more pleasure working with it, than some extra GPU power, that 95% at the time is not used.


Personally, I think the screen and interface of Mac computers to be very clean. But buying a computer seems to be more about the performance and cost effectiveness of the computer. Which system you use depends on which one you are more comfortable with.

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I use Linux as the main OS last 15 years. 2 years ago I knew about Shotcut and still use it.
All works, all ok.
Yes, there are some issues, as on all systems. But all solvable.
As written above - if you are ready for a new experience and challenges - it’s a good choise.

Hi, nice to meet. I got the latest m1 pro (from the retailer). And it works fine.

So now I have installed vmware fusion to run windows and linux on it.

Now I can easily do my work.

Thanks to @Elusien , @TimLau , @MusicalBox @SallySunny and all for helping me in the matter.