Luts Giveaway By Speeding Snail

Hey there,
I am using Shotcut for more than a year now.
I have used almost every resource that is available on Shotcut.
But haven’t given anything to the other users.
SO today I would like to giveaway some LUTS.
I hope you guys know what it is. But if anyone doesn’t know, then check out this video.

And this link contains the luts which is encrypted using a password for avoiding unwanted access.

But I am providing my mail id.
It is ‘’.
Just mail me saying that you want the lut pack’s password.
And I will be sending you the code.

And if you would like to thank me for this, the best way is checking out my YouTube channel Speeding Snail

And maybe yes Subscribe.

Thank you for your time here.


That was really helpful.

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Some time ago I made a compilation of 3D LUTs that I found for free on the internet.
I shared it directly without asking users for anything in return (subscription or message request).

You can download Shotcut without registering and you don’t have to email the developers, so where is the point of sharing but with preconditions?
I hope my words are not misunderstood, but I don’t understand this trend that is appearing lately.


Why can’t you just straight away write the password in the post, why is it necessary to only ask it in mail, everyone here wants to be safe and remain there address private, instead you ask them for a mail? Which can show the IP address when you go Menu> Show Original and then release there address.

(The video reveals the IP of the sender, in this case Boardman city is the physical address, because this is where the forum server is located, it does not shows @Elusien address because he has not sent this mail, it shows amazon’s server address )

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I completely agree

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Agree…with the comment his “free luts” should be stricken … Speeding Mails account should be closed.