Lunar Flyover

This is a video I made using a high resolution mosaic foto I made of the Moon. I used to use a 3D animation programme to move a camera around the image which generated a huge image sequence. I then used ShotCut to add text, music and then export. All a bit of a flaff so I wondered if I could do everything in ShotCut.

After a few experiments I discovered how to use the rotate and scale filter to achieve the same result. What a great tool! Very precise control and the keyframe tools are fantastic. Also, no huge image sequences clogging up my drives and it is very easy to edit the camera path afterwards. The filter name is a bit misleading as it also has translation in x and y axes which is perfect for my needs.

Hope you like it.


Impressive use of the keyframes :+1:. How big is the mosaic image file you used ?
And did you use only one image in the video or are you switching from images of different scales as you zoom-in or zoom-out ?

The image was 6461x7258 pixels and I used it on its own which made it very easy to animate. I opened it, set the duration to 5 minutes, applied the keyframes and then trimmed off the unused bit at the end. The maximum zoom I used was about 6x which is roughly 1:1 but the filter would have let me zoom to 10x if I needed.

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Nicely done. Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:

Hi @Davo - I like that a lot. Impressive. Great work. :+1: :+1:

I’m intrigued about the music - Vivaldi’s “Concerto in D major for Mandolin, Strings, and Continuo, RV 93, Movement I - Allegro Giusto” to be exact! :wink:
I love Vivaldi’s music, and actually it goes well with the video. I think many folks would have gone for some spacey synth music but using the Vivaldi is unusual and I think adds a lot of class to your video.

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Hi @jonray. I didn’t recognized Vivaldi’s music when I saw Davo’s video this morning. But that’s funny because yesterday I watched this documentary where Rick Wakeman (former Yes keyboardist) talks about Vivaldi and the Four Seasons in particular. Wakeman calls him the ancestor of modern rock stars. Very interesting and informative video.

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Hi @MusicalBox, thanks for the link to the Rick Wakeman documentary. I’ll take a look at it a little later when I get a chance (Just making some more flute videos). I had a very quick skip through and saw that Nicola Benedetti (Scottish violinist) is on it so I can’t wait to see it (she’s one of my favorite violinists)…

@Davo, apologies if I’ve hijacked your thread… I watched your video again and admired the way you got the smooth movement of the moon, which is, I imagine, a combination of sideways movement and rotation keyframing?

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Yes, talented musician. And, omg, those eyes… :slight_smile: Her name doesn’t sound very Scottish though :thinking:

Yes - I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly SC did the animation and how quick it was. There were only 5 frames where I had to apply keyframes (including first and last) and for each one I keyframed scale, rotation and translation x and y using only the Scale and Rotation filter.

This looks like good use of a high-res photo. I like taking photos of the moon with my own camera so I liked the close up flyover combined with the music in your video. Well done.

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