Lowered audio won't play when exported neither do some transitions

Hi, hopefully I can get some help here. So I have a few problems with Shotcut.

  1. I’ve noticed that when I try to lower the background music volume, or the video volume itself through the Gain/Volume filter, it suppresses it completely from the clip where the filter is applied. Through trial and error, I noticed that if I leave the volume as it is or make it louder, it works perfectly fine. The other filters work too. The only problem is when I want to lower the volume. Nothing seems wrong on the preview, the problem appears after the video is exported. I tried different levels of decibels too. What am I doing wrong?

  2. When I put clips on top of one another in the timeline (to automatically create a crossfade transition), I can see it on the preview, but once I export the video, the transition disappears. I wonder why?

  3. Only some filters seem to be working at a time. I made a test video to see if I could put a small image on top of a video. For the image, I applied the size and position/fade in/fade out filters. Then again, on the preview, everything is perfect. Once I export the video, only the two first filters were working. My photo was in the correct position and it faded in just fine, but the fade out was missing. Helppppp please?

Thank you for reading all of that! I want to love Shotcut but everytime I export a video I encounter a new bug :frowning:

For it to be a bug in ShotCut it should be repeatable by following the same steps each time. Ideally also repeatable on another computer otherwise it’s likely only a local issue.

It’s often useful to know which version of ShotCut you are using and on which platform.
Also possibly useful is the source video format and your export settings.

So far I have not encountered similar issues on my W10 64bit machine using version 17.02.01