Lower track is partially hidden by the grey area below

The lower track is partially hidden by the grey area below it. As you can see, the scroll bar on the right is all the way down, so I should be able to see the full height of the bottom track. If I make the tracks shorter then the grey area just comes up further. You can also see that I’ve given the timeline a lot of space.

Is this normal? How can I get the lower track to be visible in it’s entirety? Is this because of a setting, or a bug? I would appreciate some assistance. Thank you.

No, I think this happens when you vertically scroll the top off of the panel - possibly using the mouse wheel - and then change the track height. The simple solution is scroll vertically. Since you have no scroll bar, you can either resize the panel height to show it or use the mouse wheel while holding Alt (assuming the latest version 20.04, older versions do not require Alt).

Thank you for your response.
I just tried scrolling with ALT + mouse wheel, and the same thing happened as when I use the scroll bar to try to view the lower portion of the timeline.
How do I resize the grey panel?

I don’t understand. I do have a scroll bar. If by resize you mean drag it to be bigger, I did that and the grey area still covers part of the timeline. Have I misunderstood your comment? If so, my apologies. I am still seeking a solution and would really appreciate some clarification so that I am able to resolve this issue. Thanks.

Are you talking about this space I highlighted in green?
If so then click and drag the line of dots down to where you want it.

Thanks for your reply. Wherever I move that dotted line to the grey still covers half of the bottom track.

Sorry, I’m not understanding what you’re talking about.
Maybe you’re referring to the height difference an Audio Track, which is half the height of a Video Track.

Hi Hudson555x, thanks for your reply. For some reason I didn’t get an email notification like I did for the other replies.

I just added some more audio tracks to test it out. Are audio tracks meant to be shorter than video tracks? I have just seen that all of my audio tracks are shorter than the video tracks.

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