Lost Autosave Files

I have been working on a project for my final high school assessment and my shortcut crashed. I have looked everywhere and cannot find my autosave files or restore the project. When I open shotcut, all my unedited clips are on the playlist but the timeline is empty and all my work is gone.I have looked in my files where autorecovery files should be, but there is nothing there. There is no shotcut, meltytech or autosave folder. If anyone knows how to recover autosave files or find lost projects please help.This project is due next week and worth 40% of my final grade.

It seems you have looked in the obvious locations but if you haven’t already tried a wildcard search of the entire drive, try this.

In the Search textbox of File Explorer, search for *.mlt (make sure you have already selected the root (C:) if this is where you were editing your project). If any .mlt files are discovered, File Explorer will display them.

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