Lossless export after cut only (like mp4tools)

I am new here, but I use Shotcut for longer time already (since v12 or v14). The head of topic tell everything actually and some may say ‘so why do not use mp4tools…’ ok, we have mp4tools, but I mean ‘the idea’.
I got Shotcut as reliable, very reliable program - joining abt 200 cut clips at 1920/60p from gph5b and exporting it as large mp4 file (15GB, I know it may has no sense) and Shotcut supported me within 2 days of continue work without hangs (I wanted to show/share my trip). Export was done within abt. 5-6hrs with max cores cooking on 6700k. All as per settings and expectations.

But then I found something like mp4tools (free) and bandicut (share) and did joining mp4 files without applying filters and without encoding. Joining (exporting) mp4 size 1-2GB is within seconds! (on sams960pro) for mp4tool and some longer for bandicut (claiming usage of quick sync). As description says mp4tools uses ffmpeg as Shotcut, so it may be possible to implement in Shotcut such possibility - export with no encoding (if only cuts were done).

It would be very helpfull option as quality of output from gph5b is completely sufficient for me (despite of wide complains abt gph5 on most forums).
Thank you in advance. That is just idea which may work well. In such case no CUDA talk is expected for exporting.
(Of course CUDA, Quicksync with file export is the mostly expected thing by everybody, including me)


Unfortunately there are no plans and this feature will not be developed for Shotcut, as on the roadmap here. :frowning: We hope you continue to use Shotcut though and that the other softwares work fine too.

Hi again

Many thanks for answer
Just to clarify: I am talking about something very, very simple as below in command line

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:00 -i in.mp4 -t 00:00:32 -c copy out.mp4

That is not big tool to be implemented, just only 1 extra line on bottom (or top of codecs list) with description like “no re-coding”

And now lets come to the point.
You know your Project, behaviour of codecs and so many thing around associated which are corrected already inside so I think it would be just easy to insert such command (splitting+joining without recode) in Shotcut or may be it is already there but a bit hidden under different name…

IT does a thing which not much simple users (like me) realase - can operate on mp4 files (like mp4joiner, mp4splitter does) on computers with 2 cores and low resources as well. No need cooking all cores for long hours.

Anyhow, thank you for approach to subject.


It does not really matter what you think is simple or not since you are not volunteering to do the work, now are you? There are other tools that do this, so use them. Another new tool that does this is VidCutter.

Yes, you are right, I am not in the team.
I just wanted to pass simple idea and I know the implementing such things inside demands really lot of work and so on.

I am just user of certain camera with lot of files to be processed when I come back home let say from snowboard. And I found the way not to cook proc. cores or not to buy 16+ cores procs. Just that.

Ok, one more thing. I did not wanted to be unpolite and insert stick inside something, but the above your two lines shows The Leader, but not my boss.
Looks like I will also not ask the question: CUDA coding? what takes you so long? it is few good years on the market already as free sdk.
No more questions.
Other soft I can find myself, easy, tks.
Btw, ffmpeg app command which handles no re-coding took me 10-20hrs of work with my compiler, but it is of course trivial, not widely tested and single platform soft not such big and really good project as Shotcut.


I use AVS Video ReMaker. Also free.

ups, sorry, I think I was unpolite above. Apologizes

Tks, I hv checked AVS Video ReMaker and it has limitation upto 5min in test ver. so I did not even install it. And it is the problem with actually most of free video edit software in the net. The limitations. So that’s why I stick with Shotcut. Really. I am still impressed that I can not complain about and can work long hours, save project, next day open and export it also with few hrs of cont. program work. These are hrs + GBs of files after a day on the slope or in the forest somewhere… (1080p60 with bitrate 45Mbps). Really thank you for that Project.


Ah, sorry - it used to be freeware… I bought the AVS suite perpetual license a long time ago. Not expensive.

PS: I try VidCutter, but all the files I tried it couldn’t play without corruption. So not quite ready.

Try this


Just tried.
I got msg 'vid not supported’
with 2nd attempt it did ok.
Fine, simple tool.
Going this way lets collect few files, trim it as we want, join into one and export.
Then we can go home… :wink:

It really fine there is ‘fast’ way.

We can of course buy 1k+ stuff from big guys or do like i did ytday, only why we hv to 'buy brewery to hv a beer?'
Shotcut is fine, and stabile.

Hi, I told in another thread about a similar question that Avidemux does the job perfectly (splitting and concatenating), and I don’t need the feature in a video editing app (Avidemux is true FOSS software: I wouldn’t trust AVS Video Remaker which is probably bloated with adware or worse).
I have some experience about FFmpeg GUIs, as I wrote several of them in FPC/Lazarus for my own use, and I already experienced that introducing the simple command line you are mentioning is not as straightforward as you think in such a complex app as ShotCut. For instance it means disabling all effects and transitions needing re-encoding. Disabling all other app’s features in order to cut a clip. Maybe messing the code. Using a guillotine instead of scissors for cutting a sewing thread.

Not in the slightest bit true. I’ve used several AVS software applications for years. Not a single bit of adware [or worse]. You may be thinking of something else or have tried using AVS software downloaded from an illegitimate source.

I would be careful about casting aspersions like this.

Being not a kamikaze, I never download from third-party sources. Original ones are bad enough.

But AVS is a commercial software. Probably it is not funded by ads accordingly to the terrible Google model (the worst commercial model ever, to my mind); it forcedly means that the downloaded Inno installer (which I cannot unpack to see inside without installing) is a trial version with time and/or functional limitations. I visited the site, din not like it (typically for noobs). At least the soft has an Internet check of the serial number.

I cannot understand why people purchase such tiny video apps whilst FOSS can do the same, or better, for free, and why it should be praised or advertised on a FOSS software site.

Well that’s your opinion, it doesn’t make you right.
This is the first time I’ve seen hostility on this forum. Let’s hope it’s a passing phase.
Have a nice day.

Hi I was without internet 2 weeks and seems I ll be until aug17 once a month only, so can not follow forum/gmail at all

that’s right
life goes own way
thanks for all advices - some works well, all around is to insert ffmpeg command for joining (or splitting)
ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i listoffilestojoin.txt -c copy mymovie.mp4

i did it in my vvold rusty compiler (what shows power of ffmpeg) and anybody can do who can compile his ‘hello world’ for win/lin…
it saves day/weeks/months of cooking all cores.

Also worked out on cuda… its oriented on vs on first look so we must hv more than deep skills to do it in other envs.
i dont.

anyhow Shotcut is for the moment greatest app to do ALL ELSE than cut/join and so remains in use absolutely.
if we skip 3rd party apps due to adds, the best wd be 5th party like

what appears to be really working for what was compiled.
any add in it? who cares? start it in honeypot and so on…

the most importand is to cut tons tons tons of mp4s/movs within seconds each and join it and lets the Shotcut do the rest with filters transitions and so on.

btw, i found very valuable white ballance probe/adjustment, you know - artificial light, reflected sunset…
Shotcut does it perfectly.

and one more thing, my Shotcut somehow working without ‘most of forum problems’


I use Joyoshare Media Cutter. It’s able to cut not only videos in any format, but also audios. All in lossless cutting.