Lose keyframe settings on split / remove audio track

I lose my Gain/Volume keyframe settings when I split / remove the end of my mp3 clip.
When I split/remove my clip first, the stopwatch icon does not appear in the keyframe.

Configuration is Shotcut version 20.04.12
Windows 10 Home: 10.0.18363
Dell Inspiron 15-3567 x64-based PC

After looking at your screenshot more closely, I think I figured out what you’re asking… maybe again I have this wrong.

From your screenshot.
firefox_2020-04-23_13-14-38 firefox_2020-04-23_13-14-17

I was able to mimic your screenshot like this:

The keyframe window is just not visible. Adjust the window or scroll down to see the other keyframe window.

You have it right @Hudson555x
I figured it was something I was doing. Instead it was something I missed doing (scrolling down).
Thank you for taking the time to set me straight.

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