Looking for the correct export settings

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the FAQs didn’t help so I hope to get the answer to my question.

I need to create video-files, that do habe the following parameters:
Container: MPEG-2 Program Stream
Video Codec: MPEG2
Audio Codec: MPEG-1 Layer 2

I tried many different settings, but none of them led to the needed output format.Any suggestions, what the right settings are?

Background: I need to edit videofiles, coming from a Dreambox in TS-Format. And I need to view them via a Toshiba TV, connected to my DLNA-Server. The format above was the only one, that could be shown at the TV. I the past, I used a different process: Demuxing - editing - muxing. But I am very sadisfied with Shotcut, so I would love to use it for the additional purpose.

Lookong forward hearing from You,


Start with the MPEG-2 preset. Increase the bitrate from the 8 Mbps default if using HD; 8 is more suitable for SD. Maybe 12M for 720 and 16M for 1080.

Unfortunately, also this settings didn’t make it.


worked. So I will use those settings, if I want to use the file/recording via DLNA-server on my TV.

Or do You think, there are better settings (I do not know, why “DVD” is working)



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