Long final video compilation. how to split

I’m fairly new to shotcut. Initially I was a bit bemused by the whole thing but after trials, experimenting it turns out that it’s a rather excellent programme. In fact, brilliant. There are only issues on my pc with lagging in the timeline, heavy memory use, occasional shutdown but these are for another post.
This post is to do with a compilation video I’ve put together from over 240 short clips. The single project has now reached over Two hours! Too much for one end product!
I’m only using three tracks, the filters/transitions are not too complex but a big emphasis on the audio soundtrack.
Anyway my point is, apart from the timeline lagging, how can I cut this two hour compilation into four or five individual videos to export. Do I export the whole finished video ( which may take four hours) and then bring back and edit from that. Can I slice the whole thing up, rename each one to make an export. Bearing in mind I am set to proxy and 380p for the two hour project. So if I slice it up, rename the slice, is it going to find the original clips?
I’ve put many hours into this what with initial learning, putting up with the timeline lagging, a dodgy mouse/pointer issue due to memory I believe. It’s quite bizzare that when I have the shotcut programme running with this project it can be using over 1.3 GB memory.
But how can I deal with my two hour final video project I don’t want to lose?
Have I really been too enthusiastic, initially?

First thing to do it MAKE A COPY OF YOUR .mlt PROJECT FILE.

Then set markers where you want to section your file for multiple exports.

Then export each area between markers - it is quite simple. See here:

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Thanks, seems straightforward enough, I’ll give it a go when I’ve completed the full ‘master’
You say make a copy of the .mlt project file, which in my case is about 960kb so far, what is the purpose of making a copy?

It is always a good idea to keep a second copy when attempting things you haven’t tried before. If they go wrong and you screw up the MLT file at least you have an up-to-date copy to recover from.

If I am working on a large project I regularly (every hour or so) used the menu item File>Save As to save to a new filename (e.g. tuorial, tutorial_A, tutorial_B etc…) just in case. We often get queries about MLT files becoming corrupt and how to fix them (easiest answer: revert to your previous MLT version). I also backup all my files last thing at night, so again I can revert my filesystem to a fairly recent state if something drastic happens (virus, hardware disk crash, accidental deletes, theft)

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