Locate Missing Files Misbehaves When Project Dragged To Empty Timeline

Shotcut version 21.10.31

Start a new project. Put one video clip on the timeline. Make sure to save the project. Close the project. Change the name of the original source file. Start Shotcut again and make sure to load the mlt file of the project. When Shotcut tells you it can’t locate the file either press Search In Folder or double click on the missing file listed to find the file yourself. After pressing Ok on that dialog, Shotcut will load the file with the new name in the timeline but then after a second it will replace the clip on the timeline with the mlt project file for whatever reason.

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I did not reproduce it on macOS.

What about Windows?

What about Linux?

I don’t know. You tell me. I’m not on Linux or macOS. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t reproduce on Linux AppImage. At least, not without replacing my “missing” MP4 file with a MLT file instead.

I just tested on Windows and did not reproduce it. I tested both with and without proxy on. I also looked at the saved XML in a text editor to see if it was disguised. Maybe there are certain conditions. How are you choosing to open the project? I was picking it from Recent Projects.

I see what the issue is. I’m opening the project by dragging the mlt file into the timeline. It’s quicker for me that way most times and there’s no issue if Shotcut can locate the files. But it’s an issue when it can’t find the files. So then if you open it by dragging the mlt file into the timeline and it finds the file then it will replace the file with the mlt project file in the timeline.

It is a feature that dragging an MLT XML into a non-empty timeline directly treats it as a virtual clip. But when I drag to an empty timeline I get both the project opened and embedded. That is a bug.

If the user tries to add the mlt file of the very project being worked on unto the project itself you have this prompt come up that will tell the user that you can’t add a project to itself:

So this situation here via Locate Missing Files is a loophole to the above rule.

It would make sense that you can open a project file by dragging the mlt into a fresh new session. I’ve been doing it for a while. It shouldn’t break the above rule when Locate Missing Files comes up. It should open the project just fine after the missing files are located.