List of recent projects: missing source files prevent further reaction of that list

Version 21.01.29 (and also the pior release), Windows 8.1

Try to open a project from the list of recent projects (which is visible on progam start), to which no source files (Video footage) exist any more. After that, no more reaction from that list, means no other listed project can be opened anymore from there.


At first, I was not able to duplicate this at all.
The MLT would open, as if the files existed, but they were black and silent when previewed.

Then I deleted the MLT file.
(If someone deleted “everything in the project directory”, this would also delete the Shotcut folder, by whatever name, in which the MLT files are kept; the MLT files would be gone.)
When I again opened Shotcut 21.01.29, there was the non-existent project at the head of the list.
Clicking on it gave an error message, and then, curiouser and curiouser, the “Recent Projects” window went dead. The projects are listed, but all attempted mouse interactions do nothing in this window.

I exited Shotcut.
I opened Shotcut again.
The Project with no source files and no MLT was gone from the list.
Everything behaved normally again.

I have experienced this before too.

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