Lip synchronization

I’m noticing poor lip sync using both an mp4 file and a webm file. Both play correctly in Windows Movie & TV. Image is ahead of the sound.

Makes editing problematic. Can I trust that the result will be ok when finished?

Has any one else had this problem? True in 17.02 and also 16.09.

You can adjust this using Properties > Audio > Sync.

No. You must export and see what happens. You did not buy any trust when you downloaded free software.

Dan -

Let me explain the question more clearly. I do not understand why ShotCut would play a file out of sync. (I’ve tried two different files on two different machines using several players. Only in ShotCut are the voices out of sync.) I know there are many ways that can develop. I just don’t understand why ShotCut would introduce an offset until and unless I applied a filter. That being the case, my concern is that I don’t know if correcting the error (as you suggested) will produce a predictable result.

As for being free, ShotCut is too well developed and this is so fundamental, that I just can’t imagine there is a real problem.

Do a search here on the forum for: “variable frame rate”.