Line and shape database

I have been searching through Shotcut for a line and shape database (such as arrows, lines,circles etc.) I am not even sure this is offered in the program… If it is not in the program will this be an addition in the future? Thanks

Till now this is not available, and I don’t know this will be a addition or not, but it could be also be a addition in later updates.

Thank you very much… It would be an outstanding enhancement if this was possible.

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Yes, A good resource.
I will try to create as much shapes as I can, I will resource with photoshop (shapes) and shotcut (animation).

Excellent Thank you very much!

Why try to reinvent the wheel? Those nice people over at Fontawesome have loads of icons that you can download. The “Free” plan has over 1600. You can download an SVG of the icon you are interested and in incorporate it in your video using Shotcut. These free icons are covered by the CC-BY-4.0 licence (, so you must provide a link to this in the credits. To see the icons head on over to:


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