Light burst transition

The Color: Grading filter is not only useful for color adjustments. In the example bellow, I used it to boost only the highlights, giving the impression that the city lights got a sudden surge of energy. In combination with a white clip using opacity variations, I think it creates a nice transition.

No tutorial for this, but I can create a download link for the project in a ZIP format. That will include the MLT file and the two clips. Not the song though, since it’s copyrighted. If anyone is interested, just send me an email on the forum.


Gold. I’ll be stealing that for my future projects. :grin:

I’ll look away :smiley: Thanks Austin.

Yes-cool, - because it’s keyframe-able.
I use this effect for a long time. At the beginning of my tutorials for the text effect or at the beginning of this scene in combination with ‘blur’ and ‘glow’.

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Awesome! I’ll add this to the transition gallery


SuperCOOL! many thanks @MusicalBox, I just subscribed to your channel! More please… :smiley:

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Great! :+1:

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@DvS I kind of knew I didn’t reinvent the wheel, but when I came up with this after attempting something else with Color: Grading I thought: Why not share it? Thanks for your comment :+1:

Thanks @bentacular!

@jonray woo hoo! You just doubled the number of subs on the channel :laughing: Thanks!


Are you doing a tutorial on this in the future? I got a request from my channel…

Hi Ben. No, I don’t plan on doing a tutorial for this transition. But if you want to make one, that would be great :+1:. And it would be way superior than anything I’d try to come up with.

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I’ll try to do your work justice

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“12 Frames each side” means you have set 24 Fps for Videomode?
Why did you cut the scenes? You could overlay one scene 24 Fps to the other and then set keyframing the colorgrading.

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You can do that too but I was thinking of a shareable transition preset in the future. This was more scalable

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