Levels filter

Levels filter :

Could someone explain this filter more in-depth please…?
Seems to be very useful to me.

Thanks in advance.

There is an explanation about what the different parameters of a level filter can do.
I found this GIMP documentation that explains the different concepts.
Just note that the interface in Shotcut is different but follows the same process.

Explanation of level adjustment.

I noticed i couldn’t adjust levels for red, green, blue independently. When i adjust reg e.g., all other levels (green and blue) are adjusted to the same value!? May this be a bug or what could i have done wrong?

I set a filter for each color, so 3 filters.
After activating the histogram to set the adjustments, you have to deactivate it again so that the histogram is no longer visible on your clips.

Did you check when you set the level for one color, say red, all the levels of the other colors (green, blue) stay at zero? In my experience the same level is set to all colors, which makes it useless for color correction.

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