Let it Dadada Whip

I share this video for those of you who used to spend their weekends in nightclubs in the 70s and 80s.
Remember these two songs?
Trio - Da Da Da
Dazz Band - Let it Whip
In all my years as a DJ back then, I never tough of mixing them together. Yet they seem to be made for each other.

Videos quickly edited with Shotcut
Songs mixed with Mixxx Free DJ App


I’ve often wondered if the song “Da Da Da” was created on a dare. Or if it was done to win a bet.

Seamless mix between those two songs. It works well.

@pbattersby Good question. Da Da Da is even more minimalist than Money by the Flying Lizards.
Both songs climbed to the top 10 of many charts back then.
Honestly I still think it’s better than most of what we can hear on the “Pop” radios these days.
At least it was original.


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