Lengthen duration of timeline to match audio track SOLVED

I have put together about 100 images with default duration of about 4.3s. My partner has recorded an audio track remotely. I now need to lengthen the duration of each image to match the audio track. What is the best way of doing this? (I have watched tutorials but I do not want to calculate the length of a colour clip to insert for every image).
Overlap 2 off the images to create a transition.
Lock the audio track. Set Ripple trim and drop and ripple across all tracks.
Play the timeline and pause the playhead at the end of a phrase.
Drag the red vertical bar at the Right side of an image to the playhead: all subsequent images / clips should move to the Right.

Only just started using shotcut, so there may be a better solution.

I was trying out the slide show feature.

Add images to a play list, select them, then click create slideshow in the addition menu (3 bars icon at the bottom).
This lets you specify duration and fade in/out timings.
Divide the length of the track in seconds by number of slides and use that as the slide interval.
One click add to timeline.

Very easy to re-do if the timings are out.

Thanks for the idea. I have tried the slideshow with a few playlist items and indeed you can just drag each image to the required length, but I have already spent hours compiling images and videos into the right order with different transitions. I really need to be able to convert my present timeline into a slideshow to see if I can then drag each image to the required length but I think it only works with images, and I can not see an option to convert the timeline.

It seems to depend on the existence of a transition. Once a transition has been created (say, by overlapping clips) if you drag the red bar all the following clips will move en block in either direction.

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