LC_NUMERIC ignored

Shotcut should make use of LC_NUMERIC and not say “problems in your project.”

I create a .mlt which contain the following:

<mlt LC_NUMERIC=“en_US.UTF-8”
<filter id=“audio_fade_in” in=“0:1793.0”

When opened on a machine where comas are used, I get the following:

Shotcut noticed some problems in your project.
Do you want Shotcut to try to repair it?

If you choose Yes, Shotcut will create a copy of your project
with “- Repaired” in the file name and open it.

Click yes, new .mlt is created with -Parandatud appended.
(Kudos for the international support that is there)

This file has:
<filter id=“audio_fade_in” in=“0:1793,0”

And it opens fine.

Edits are made, saved, send it back to me,
I open it, “problem” dialog, “yes”
And it opens fine.

This is rejected. What you request was never supported. Use LC_NUMERIC=C and periods now. That is what Shotcut is doing since v19.06:

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