Layered size filters cropping image

Hi there,

I needed do a similar thing to a previous poster - keyframe a slight zoom, but first resize the image to fit the screen.

The reason for doing this is to have the zoom effect, but do it all in Shotcut so I can avoid having to edit pictures in Gimp if they are not correctly sized to start with

I proceeded with:
(1) size filter to set initial size,
(2) second size filter keyframed for the zoom.

This works fine except the second filter is cropped, it only applies the filter to some of my zoomed image

Am I going about this the wrong way?

Yes. Just use one filter. Set the first keyframe of the filter to set the initial size and then future keyframes to zoom from there.

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Excellent - will do

hlw there i want help please i got ryzen 5600g with rtx 3060ti *
my preview suks it does not use 3060ti graphics instead uses am readeron graphic that came with the cpu
*plz help and reply fast i am waiting for your reply *
my work : 1440p forza gameplay with a 1080p cam on the steering wheel on the corner for realistic approach :slight_smile: i am a gamer please help

You should use geforce experience, if that doesn’t solve the problem. Consider posting the problem on Nvidia forum.

Btw, pls don’t comment on existing topics, create a new topic for it.

This does not make a difference because Shotcut more heavily uses the CPU during preview. In fact, copying the video to a discrete GPU memory is going to make it even slower.

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