Last minute and thirteen seconds of a MP4 video I'm trying to export is blank

Last minute and thirteen seconds of a MP4 video I’m trying to export is blank. As in at that 1:13 before the end, the video goes black and then after a few seconds blank white (In the editor, I can watch the video and everything looks fine…) The itself sound is working, and plays even though the video is just blank white.

There is no split there, or any filters or anything for the video segment itself, at that point or to the end.

This is the first time I’ve ever used Shotcut, though I have watched various tutorials on how to do what I am trying to do.

The sound is a narration and some music, though the narration doesn’t start till about the 40 second to the end mark.

Any ideas of what I messed up?

Right before the video goes black, what is the video showing? Is what you expect to see at 1:14 from the end, or is it something else (like the end of the video)?

Also, more information would help. What are the properties of: your source videos, your project profile, your export settings?

You need to provide more information for you to get help and if it is a bug to get it fixed for the next release.

Read this: