Larger space for track names

How can I get a larger length for track names? There doesn’t seem to be anything I can drag to make this wider.

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I agree that it would be useful sometimes to be able to adjust the width of the track header. Especially after reducing the height of the track, making the track name share the same line as the track icons.


This is not what you want, but this might help you out for now.

Just type in what you need to, then hover the mouse over the track header.

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Or, if you feel adventurous, you could modify line 105 of this file :

C:\Program Files\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\views\timeline\timeline.qml
(Windows version of Shotcut 20.11.28)


In the capture bellow, I changed the 140 default value to 250


Do this at your own risks. I advise you to create a backup of the timeline.qml file before modifying the original.