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Hi, i want to buy a laptop for 1080p 60fps video editing in shotcut. Do i need to go for the 6-core i7-10750H cpu, or is it doable with something closer to the 4-core i7-10510U. Considering the specs i’m interested in the new lenovo legion 5 (i7-10750H, 16GB RAM, 1660Ti). I’m not a gamer and i would prefer more of an ultrabook look, but they don’t go with those specs in my budget.

Aloha !

There are two answers to this question.
Answer one : Get the heaviest PC/Laptop you can get…
Answer two : Any modern PC/Laptop will suffice…

Ok THAT is contradictory… not much help. Well it depends on how you use the system. Here is my US $ 0,02

Any modern PC can be used for Shotcut. There are tricks you can use during editing to speed up the process. For example, preview scaling and the latest function of the proxyfiles with can make things buttersmooth wile editing. (Side note, I didn’t try proxy files, I have no speed problems on my PC)

Then eventually you need to render the video clip. Personally, I’m not waiting 30 mins for my system to render a 15 min HD clip. I usually go do something else. Search for royalty free music, write a script for another video, scout locations, heck… I sometimes just go shopping !!!

So for me in the end rendering time does not really matter. Even if it would take twice as long, it still does not matter.

However… there is another side many people seem to forget. How long will you be using the PC/Laptop in total ? If you plan to use this machine for a long time, let say +5 years, you should really go fo a heavy or at least an upgradable machine. A standard modern PC/laptop will work fine now with a HD flick, but in the near future 4K will be the standard and then… will it still run as smooth as it once did ???

To wrap things up :
My personal preference: I went for the heavy and upgradable machine. I did have to save a bit of money before I could buy it. These things don’t grow on trees if you know what I mean… but with this machine I am very content





PS: I think 16Gb is the ABSOLUTE minimum you should put in any PC. In some cases a fast processor and 32Gb memory trumps a very fast processor with only 16Gb. Imagine what a very fast processor with 64Gb can do for you. There are a lot of speed benchmarks in the internet, look for those...

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