Keynote effect?

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In Final Cut Pro (which a friend uses, I don’t know it myself) there is an effect “Keynote” that for instance makes it possible to move the video aside in a cool way - see attachment - to make place/space for a text message, greeting.

Is there a similar option in Shotcut?

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Ingunn Borren

You could use GL transitions which are available by Elusien’s WebVfx framework ( It needs a few steps but it should not be too difficult. It certainly is not as easy as using a filter. I do not know if there is a transition which resembles the Final Cut Pro effect, but “cube” or “InvertedPageCurl” might be also a nice way.
Sauron made a video with all available GL transitions (GL Transitions made using Elusien's GL transitions overlay generator).

Otherwise there are several custom transitions which are easier to apply and look quite good as well (I designed 8 png files for custom transitions). Here are the instructions on how to use them. Some of them were collected by Jonray ( Some transitions of other video editors can be used in the same way as these custom ones and the links to these are on the “Resources” page (

This is quite an information avalanche, but this might give you other interesting options to conisder.

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No, this is not yet available in Shotcut. As @samth mentioned, it could be done using WebGL, but there is nothing readily available for exactly this.

Hey, I just watched a video made with Shotcut that reminded of a filter than can come close:

You do not get the exact same perspective and there is no border color, but you can put it on video track V2, and it will show V1 in the black area - could be a color or image clip.
Also, you can animate the effect to go from full frame to this perspective and back.

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Hello, thank you for your reply/time. I will check out what you write! Kind regards, Ingunn

Hello Shotcut-leader

Thank you for you reply/time and you suggestion - I will check it out!

Kind regards, Ingunn

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