Keyframes & Proxy Editing


I use the method for proxy editing where I edit in 720p so my computer can handle the footage then change it to 1440p in notepad to export and remove the -proxy’s in the filenames throughout the text. Recently I edited a video using keyframes for the first time, and instead of the numbers inside the keyframe changing in relation to how I changed the actual size of the video, like non keyframe edits would (ie, I’d change the size from 720 to 1440p for the base video resolution, and then even things that I had zoomed in to be, say, 1080p in the 720p video would turn into being zoomed into 4K when I changed the base video resolution to 1440p), the numbers in the keyframe stayed the same as from the 720p edits, resulting in the portions of my video using keyframes to be in the wrong position or otherwise way too small. I then had to go through the edits I made using the 1440p footage and double all of them. Is there a way you could change how keyframes are saved in the .mlt files to be a multiplier of the base footage size like you do with non-keyframe edits, so that proxy editing in this fashion is more convinient?

Aidan M.

This is a known limitation of the keyframe system. There is a good explanation here:

This will probably be improved in the future, but there is no way to predict when.

The method you are using to do proxy editing is clever, but it is not officially supported. There are probably other gremlins besides this one you reported. So you should be very careful and test your methods thoroughly before you embark on a large project - or you might risk a lot of rework.