Keyframes filter text


I have been trying to the the keyframes/ Filter / Text and this does not respond according to the tutorial on your website.

When you press the down button four times so that you can cut it that does work.

Is it there another way around this .


Not sure you use it correctly.
What I would do. Add a transparent image (open other…). Add text to it. Then use keyframe to that part.

If it’s not that, can you post a acreenshot?

It’s the Page Down button he’s using. Not the down arrow. For each Page Down, it advances the playhead 1 second from the left marker. No, you don’t have to use Page Down. Just reposition it manually if you would like.

The Text filter does not yet have keyframes, but it has filter trimming as shown in the video - all filters except fades support trimming.
In any case, you need to more clearly state the problem, which you did not do at all - not even close.
You have been repeatedly posting without any useful information. Do better, please, or I must silence you in the forum for a while.