Keyframes, dynamic zoom in,

I work with Shotcut since 2016 and I love the programm! It’s simple but powerful. But some effects I miss in the category “Filters”. I would like to have more fade in and fade out animations for text, video and sound. But the main big thing are Keyframes. Shotcut have no Keyframes. Another big disadvantage is that Shotcut haven’t got the option to import Luts or Add ons for a better workflow. I like to create atmosphare in my videos therefor I love effects like dynamic zoom in, KEYFRAMES and funny things like glitch in a text. I hope in the next update there will be some of these effects :smiley:



Shotcut - Road Map

I’m quite new new to Shotcut and to video editing on the whole. Like many others I’d love to see keyframes as a feature which I would use extensively in the style of videos I am trying to produce. As a stopgap I have been using Synfig separately to create such transitions where it involves a still image or text. It’s been relatively simple to create short zooming or moving image animations in Synfig, and export them as a series of PNGs.
I can then import them into Shotcut as an image sequence that I overlay onto the background video using a separate video track. Afterwards the final image of the animation can “hold” for however long until the next section. It’s not a perfect solution but it doesn’t take long and it works.
Thinking about it - it would be slightly more complex but possible to do the same with a single exported frame from the start of a piece of footage which could then start playing immediately after the zooming animation had ended. A bit clunky but should work and might be appropriate for some people’s needs.