Keyframes and Position Issue - Object swimming


I’m new here, but I started using Shotcut for basic solutions half year ago. Now i’m try to learn how to use keyframes.

I have small trouble with object positioning: in smooth mode objects are “swimming” between each keyframe (I have 6 of them inserted in timeline). They have some kind of inertia after reaching specific keyframe, moving few pixels back and forth. Of course it was an idea to make a smooth move, but object had to stay in place, and it doesn’t. Does it has to be this way? Is there solution to keep them in place? In mix of smooth and linear modes middle part of animation becomes sharp and doesn’t look good…

YT example below:
Short clip with animation


I believe this is because the smooth mode for keyframes just makes everything “elastic” so in a sense it can kind of build up momentum and then release it as the swimming effect you are describing. What I do to fix this is I put in a linear keyframe and just click on the circle in the size and position GUI in the preview to create a keyframe right before the start and just after the end of the smooth keyframe, this just gets rid of all the momentum it built up in the smooth keyframes, if that makes sense. I can make a quick video showing it if you like.

Like this:

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Thanks. I know what You’re talking about. I used to put linear keyframe in the same position as You mentioned but still it has moved a bit or last move before linear point was too rough. Maybe it just needs more keyframes to animate it properly :wink:

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