Keyframed text filters not displayed after reloading project

Debian Buster
Shotcut 18.09.16

I added several keyframed text filters to a video on the ‘Master Track’ last week. I saved the project. When I reopen the track today, I can still see a list of 'Text` filters with my text in the Filters panel. However, those filters are not represented in the ‘Keyframes’ panel/timeline. The text filters are not displayed on the preview window either. Looking at my MLT file, I can see that the filters have the ‘in’ and ‘out’ time encoded like:

filter id=“filter34” in=“01:09:15.520” out=“01:09:30.440”

Here is my MLT file for this project:

I reproduced this bug. The way you entered multiple Text filters - each with a start/end on the Master track - should work (you saw it working while making the project), but it was unexpected and untested. You can avoid this problem today by adding the filters to clips instead of tracks. That way they are relative to the clip and move with it if you move the clip. I will still try to fix the bug tho. If not, then I will make it so filter trimming is not available to track filters.

I have a fix for this in the next version 18.10 (not beta). It is really just a partial fix to keep the impact of the change very low, and it will cover most cases as most people do not trim filters let alone track filters. The one case it does not cover is if your track filter has its in point (start) on the first frame and the out point (stop) less than the project duration. You see Shotcut needs to manage the duration of filters in case duration changes. Before, it would simply set all track filters to start at zero and end at full duration whenever the timeline changed (or project loads).

@shotcut 18.10 loaded my existing file and properly displayed the text filters. Thank you!

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