Key Framing Speed of the Video clip

I am using shotcut for a long time and really loved it.
But i have a suggestion to add keyframe option to speed of the video, i know that there is time remap, but the problem with time remap is if i slowed down a segment of a video to maintain the video’s time length it fasts the another segment of video.
I have read all items in the road map. I know guys have lots of suggestions already but it will be good if you do this.
So in conclusion it will be good if we get keyframe to speed of the video which can change the video time length to maintain the speed that the user wants.

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Sorry if this was a repost

It’s definitely a better a idea, I wish to see it one the roadmap.

We made Time Remap exactly for this purpose, and it will not be added for Properties. It can do what you described quite easily except change the length. But you can change the length, which is often safer if there are already clips following.