Keeping the time displayed as like excels top row locked

I have a couple suggestions I’d like to add but it looks like each one should be a new thread to get voted on. I have been editing free craft videos for my library for the public and trying to keep it very simple to get them out as soon as possible and realized there are a few feature suggestions that would save me and hopefully other people in my situation some time.

When I have 4 videos in the timeline, I can’t see the time display if I slide down to V1.


Have you tried making the track heights shorter? Right click on the timeline away from any clips and you’ll see “Make Tracks Shorter” and “Make Tracks Taller”. There are also two sets of shortcut keys for it. One’s Ctrl plus - and Ctrl plus = and the other is Shift+mouse wheel.

Thanks @DRM. I did that and it’s a temporary solution. I generally need the tracks taller so I can see the audio waveform to distinguish when a teacher isn’t speaking.

This is actually a bug that appeared in the 20.09.13 version when performance improvements were made to the timeline to not show out-of-view elements (e.g. chunks of waveforms, thumbnails, and… time values).

Thanks I can deal with it if it’s a matter of speed difference :slight_smile:


This is fixed for the next version 20.10 or 20.11

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