Keep PC Usable when doing Heavy Tasks | Prevent system Slowdown/Hang when Rendering | Fix System Lag

I have something with might be actually very useful to all “ShotCutters”

Getting a Headache When Trying to Do ANYTHING on your computer when Rendering Videos In Background? This video is Definitely for you !

This Video is about-

  1. How to Fix system Lag Without any External Tools or Softwares.
  2. Quick & Easy Remedy to Prevent system Hang / Lockup / Freeze.
  3. Make Computer more responsive when Rendering Videos in Editing software or any other Heavy Tasks
  4. Better Allocation and Optimization of PC Resources.
  5. Fix 100% CPU usage.
  6. Windows 10 Task Manager
  7. Meaning of “Set Priorty” and “Set affinity” In Microsoft Windows
  8. Speed up Older PC Hardware for free
  9. Improve your workflow and Multitask easier.

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Did you use Shotcut to make this video?

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All 3 of My channels have videos made using shotcut.
Here is another one-

@Hudson555x Where did his reply go?

BTW, New video coming tomorrow on my Channel.
Channel link-

Other Channels that use Shotcut-
Zen Games


I was wondering if I follow this process, by how much does it increase the time to render a video?

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Assuming an Older Quad core CPU, ticking off one core should Theoretically see a 25% drop in Speed.
The Impact with Modern Hex and Oct Core CPUs should be less. Also, Now that we use GPU for Rendering, the Role of CPU is Further Diluted.

Combining above factors, I’d take an educated guess that Your Exports may take around 10 to 15% Longer. But on the other hand you Gain Massive responsiveness for Other Light Tasks. If you want me to do a proper speed test between these Optimizations, do Comment on That particular video and I will make a quick Benchmark on it.

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