Kbd Shortcut S key (Split) does not work after first use

I am running win 10 with x64 Shotcut installed.

I succesfully edited a short clip with a couple of S splits and deletes. and resaved as mp4.

I brought up another one and the S no longer does anything. Every other shortcut key including space start/stop works.

I tried restarting and clicking between filters and properties on the left side, no improvment. i thought there might be an “editing mode” that I am missing

Thank you.

The Save function saves to an .mlt file (Project file - XML code)
The Export function renders it to an MP4 or any other type of video file you choose.

I’m guessing you brought up a mlt project file here. Make sure you’ve clicked the clip you wish to split before hitting S.

When you reopen an mlt project file if you have multiple tracks, it will remember the last track you were in and only that track will be active, so if you trying to split something on V3, and if V1 is active, you’ll split on V1 where your playhead is at.

Shotcut 18.09.16, Windows 10

There is not a function there that I know of.

I am not able to reproduce the problem. It only works in the Timeline by design; you did not specify that you had added the clip to the timeline.
Sometimes, you need to change the current track to the track containing the clip. The current track is the one that has a gold background. You can simply click a clip as @Hudson555x mentions to change the current track or press up/down arrow keys to change it.

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