Just trouble trying just to rotate video

Latest Shotcut version , downloaded today. Working on Linux Mint 18.3 (~ Ubuntu 16.04)

I have a 1920x1080 video recorded with a Nikon Coolpix S9900.
I recorded a video in Portrait mode, so actually (when correctly rotated) it would be 1080 wide, 1920 high.
Actually I just want the upper part to get a 1080 wide by 810 high (4:3) video

  1. At first it looked pretty simple. I did not change the default setting (video mode = automatic), just added a crop filer , then rotate, then export. In both cases I got rendering error at export.
    a) crop 1110 pix from the right
    b) rotate 90 degrees
  • first problem: I would expect that I end up with a 1080x810 video, instead it looks like as if I got a 1920x1080 with the video centered and black borders around.

When I exported the video I got video artifacts (see attched screenshot). I used the default libx264 encoder with 100%, 90%, … setting and always had this problem.

I changed to libx265 … same problem :frowning:

I changed to mpeg4 encode (100% quality) same problem.

The whole cropping, rotating, image size handling is pretty fragile, but after I got that to work I could not get rid of the strange Video Artifacts. 2h wasted for what should have been a 5 min job ! :frowning:

  1. another approach:
  • Cropped the 1920 x 1080 video to 720 x 1080 and wrote it uncompressed with huff into a file (2 GB for ~ 3 min)
  • started a new project , imported file, rotated by 90 degree and got a squashed image with just about 1/4 the size (see attachment )

There’s a rotate bug in the latest version. Dan is updating it shortly with a bug fix.

thanks sounds good… because actually nothing worked when it comes to rotating/scaling.
I just tried to rotate first, then shift X/Y , with the idea to crop thereafter … did not work.
Also scale parameter had no effect (although I actually do not want to scale) … frustrating.

Yes, please get a working version out as soon as possible !


Just did the same procedure with the older version v18.08.14

original video: 1920 x 1080 / video setting 1280 x 720
crop from right 1200
=> video 720 x 1080
rotate 90 °

At this point I would expect a 1080 x 720 video and the image to fill the full height of 720 , but instead it is much smaller. I had to scale it up again by 150% … why that ? … and have I lost resolution due to (unwanted) down scaling followed by upscaling ?

export was fine though without any video artifacts.

This is fixed in v18.09.15, which was released today.

In Automatic mode, when you bring the video in, the canvas resolution and aspect ratio is taken from that video (1920x1080). When you rotate, you are not also rotating the canvas. If you want a 1080x810 video mode, you will have to create that in Settings > Video Mode since Automatic does not.

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