Just discovered some cool features (18.07.02)

I just did some work with v.18.07.02 and found (by accident!) a few very useful, new, cool features which I thought would benefit someone if I highlighted them here (apologies if they have already been mentioned on this forum, or indeed they are not new!):

  1. Filter search: works great, very easy and quick to find a particular filter.

  2. Hover over timeline magnifier (just above timeline) and scroll mousewheel. Timeline expands/contracts beautifully. Very useful and intuitive. I found I used this a lot in my last project.

  3. Likewise if you hover in the area just to the right of 2) above. Scrolling the mousewheel moves the video/audio tracks up and down . VERY useful if you have multiple tracks (eg 3 or more).

PS I found today v. 18.07.02 worked like a dream - just the odd unexpected crash, but it was easy to get back.
Heartfelt thanks to Dan and other devs for this great software.

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Well damn, did 18.07.02 launch this week? I swear I just deployed our new laptop with 18.06

No, it became available on July 2, but you should wait now because 18.08 is coming August 1.

It came out July 2nd, and 18.08.xx is scheduled to come out next week.

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Well that’s what I get for being busy with other stuff, thanks! I’m reading through the changelog now but don’t have any projects scheduled till august, anything wiz-bang we know will be launching with 18.08?

Only bug fixes, which are much needed since 18.05.

oh agreed on that, I felt like pulling my teeth out with 18.05(although I appreciate the effort and still finished my project)