Just an idle thought

Is it possible to do something like this in Reaper? What would be some of the things required?

This is a video in a tweet.

I didn’t hear any audio, so I assume you meant Shotcut instead of Reaper?

There are several ways to do this in Shotcut, but I’d probably use two passes to get a near-exact effect.

The first pass would be just the white letters being keyframed from wide spacing to normal spacing. I’d export that as a transparent video.

The second pass would have the background image they used on a lower track, import the transparent video from the last step on a higher track, then keyframe the “360: Transform” filter (pitch or roll) in conjunction with Size, Position, & Rotate to create the bending swoosh effect of the letters entering the frame. Then keyframe opacity as needed to get the flickering effect.

If you weren’t picky about the letter spacing changing as the letters fly in, then this could all be done in a single pass, with Text: Simple and 360: Transform and SPR on a single transparent clip.

Yes sorry. I was talking to someone about Reaper. I did mean Shotcut. Yes there’s no audio I was wondering about the text motion. What about that odd shimmy it does?

Thanks for your response?

The shimmy is just an Opacity filter that ramps between 20% and 100%.

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